Fig & Honey Greek Yogurt Pancakes.

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I’d like to start out by mentioning the WONDERFUL people over at Chobani! I recently reached out to them and within 24 hours they wrote back, and were more than excited to send me some Cho-cups to try.

Chobani gave me an estimated arrival date, and sure enough when I came home there was a temperature-controlled package at my doorstep. I tore open the packaging like it was Christmas morning, and inside sat two flats of chilled yogurt!

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Along with the standard 0% and 2% fat cups, Chobani included a new product line for me to sample. I was thrilled to test out the latest Flip Cups— and let me just tell you, these cups are amazing. Flip Cups have not yet shown up at my local grocery store, but once they do I will be sure to grab an entire cart.

I love that Chobani always creates unique and tasty flavor combinations: Key Lime Crumble and Almond Coco Loco, YUM!

TIP: For a tasty, frozen summer treat, place Chobani in the freezer for 30-40 minutes. Remove the cup, eat and enjoy! It is healthy, full of protein, and just as satisfying as frozen ice cream.

Now, for today’s post: fig & honey Greek yogurt pancakes, which were inspired by my new Chobani delivery. If you like figs, or honey, or pancakes… I think you’ll LOVE this recipe.

These little pancakes are full of goodness. First, I mix protein-packed Chobani Greek yogurt with healthy Kodiak Flapjack mix. Next, I add dried figs and honey, which create the optimum level of sweetness. To finish it off, I developed a simple fig infused syrup that takes these pancakes to the next level.

What You’ll Need:

• ¾ cup water

• 1 ½ cups Kodiak Flapjack mix

• 1 plain 0% fat Chobani Greek yogurt

• Nutmeg or cinnamon, just a dash (½ tsp.)

• 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

• 1 ½ tsp. honey

• 6 dried figs

• Pam or coconut oil spray

• 1 ½ cups lite maple syrup (suggested: Hungry Jack Brand)

Fig and Honey Greek Yogurt Pancakes20130326_0006 {ingredient short list.}

Now it’s Your Turn:

1. First, stir together pancake mix, nutmeg/cinnamon, yogurt, water, honey and vanilla.

2. Slice 3 dried figs into small pieces and stir into your mix.

3. Heat up your skillet. Spray with Pam or coconut oil. After a few minutes, scoop 1 tbsp. of mix onto the skillet to test the heat.

4. Once your skillet is ready, form 1-3 small pancakes at a time. Do not overcrowd the skillet, because it lowers the surface temperature and the pancakes will cook unevenly.

5. While cooking the pancakes, grab a small saucepan for the fig syrup. Slice the remaining 3 figs in half. Add syrup and figs to the saucepan and simmer on low for 7-10 minutes. Once the syrup has started to bubble, remove from heat and pour into your blender. Blend for a minute or two, pulsing, to create a uniform liquid.

6. After you cook all the pancakes, drizzle with fig syrup and serve.

7. Enjoy!

I must confess: this is without a doubt, my new favorite pancake recipe. I absolutely adore figs because they are so sweet they practically taste like candy (very healthy candy ☺). When you mix together Chobani Greek yogurt with Kodiak Flapjack mix and tuck little figs inside, the flavors get together and create a delicious little gift for your taste buds.

Try fig & honey Greek yogurt pancakes next time you are in the mood to spice up your go-to pancake recipe. With little effort you can create a pancake that is packed with nutrients and that will satisfy your hunger for hours!

{up close and personal.}

{into the frying pan.}


{figs taking a warm bath in syrup.}

{fig syrup.}

{the stack.}

{taste testing is my favorite part.}

Happy Everything,

XO {s+t}

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  • Reply March 31, 2013

    Sarah Sullivan

    I made these this weekend. So good! Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply March 31, 2013


      I am so glad you enjoyed them!!

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